Blueprinting AI for Science at Exascale (BASE-II)

BASE-II is the UK research project with the main goal of developing a software suite and designs to serve as blueprints for using AI for scientific discoveries at exascale. This is phase II of BASE-I (Benchmarking for AI for Science at Exascale) project, started in December 2022 and will run for two years, facilitating faster scientific discovery and cross-scientific knowledge exchange.

BASE-II will deliver software:

  • to support exascale computing from the AI point of view by developing a software suite and designs​
  • to address challenges in critical areas of AI: ​
    • AI in benchmarking​
    • AI in HPC​
    • Hardware software co-design ​
    • Learning from large-scale datasets, tools, frameworks, and workflows.

Blueprinting AI for Science at Exascale:

  • Supports collaboration and knowledge exchange between academia, national laboratories, and industry.
  • Encourages cooperation between various scientific disciplines.

BASE-II for exascale community:

  • Actively engages and supports knowledge exchange with ExCALIBUR funded projects in the UK, and relevant initiatives in Europe and USA.
  • Shares experience with evolving UKRI e-Infrastructures, such as Science Clouds, the IRIS science platform, and exascale-cloud middleware.


The project

  • An AI Benchmark Toolbox consisting of benchmarks, datasets and frameworks for an extensive number of scientific, climate and fusion research cases
  • Methodologies and solutions for different classes of surrogate cases for complex simulations, including an open-source model zoo for surrogate models (SMs)
  • Hardware-Software codesign for exascale systems, supporting both communities and stimulating their partnership
  • Knowledge exchange and community building, by organising training and communication events, between exascale, research software engineering, AI and science communities

Successful project preceding BASE-II, which delivered the first AI for science benchmark suite and shaped the current project to address challenges.

Current progress

BASE-II is driving change for the AI and Exascale community. Learn more about our progress in developing AI benchmarks, increasing AI/HPC convergence, input in Hardware-Software codesign, and community building.


We are proud to be part of an open-source science community. You can find information about our benchmarks, ML models, and links to datasets we used in this research project.


A large part of this project is knowledge exchange and community building. Here you can learn more about our current and future events and register.

Our community

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