Outreach and knowledge exchange

To ensure BASE-II significantly impacts scientific, academic, and industry communities in the UK and worldwide, we created an extensive plan for cross-disciplinary Knowledge Exchange. This plan includes the following:

  • Regular communication with other projects in the ExCALIBUR portfolio and other exascale communities.
  • Training events for all AI communities in the UK, including all ExCALIBUR projects, academic institutions, and public sector research establishments.
  • In-Field Placements to upskill research software engineers working across other ExCALIBUR projects.
  • Community Workshops open to industry, academia, and national laboratories.
  • ExCALIBUR-themed Mini Workshops for knowledge exchange between different projects.
  • Quarterly meetings with industry
  • International engagements as collaborations and monthly meetings
  • Other types of communication and engagement via institutional seminars, publications., conferences, and tutorials

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