Jeremy Yates

Rev. Prof. Jeremy Yates is a Professorial Research Fellow in the Department of Computer Science at UCL. He was the Founder-Director of the STFC DiRAC Supercomputing Facility (2011-2017), the Deputy Director of the STFC IRIS facility (2017-2019), the joint lead of the UKRI ExCALIBUR Hardware and Enabling Software programme (2019-present) and the Director of the UK SKA Regional Data Centre (UKSRC) Project (2021-to date). These projects require the creation of powerful digital research infrastructures to deliver peer reviewed, internationally competitive, community-generated science cases in the areas of high energy particle physics, astrophysics and nuclear physics using supercomputing, and high throughput computing, design principles.   His current project UKSRC is part of the international SKA Regional Centre Network and has to deliver a federated service to process and analyse data generated by the 2 SKA Telescopes, which by 2028 will be 2PB a day. 

Rev. Prof. Yates is an expert, and undertakes research, in computational astrophysics, HPC system design, photon transport simulation, probabilistic mechanics and machine learning, and radio astronomy and interferometry.  His current interests include developing in situ uncertainty propagation methods for simulations, using ML techniques, to allow simulations to be compared with measurements in order to turn simulations into science.